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Being a Teacher is stressful Enough

Security shouldn't have to be an issue. Keep teachers' priorities where they should be.

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The SilentSOS Difference


SilentSOS gives teachers the ability to call for help quickly and easily while tending to the situation at hand. Fumbling through mobile apps or trying to get someone to answer their phone costs too much time in an emergency. SilentSOS provides the mobility of health alert devices with the location granularity of fixed room call buttons. With built-in NFC chips, SilentSOS badges can also be used for access control.


View real-time data  from the convenience of the Vypin Cloud


Our Patented Vypin Technology

XLink Gateway
XLink Gateway
VP150 Wireless Badge
VP150 Wireless Badge

The Vypin Xlink transmits badge data and alerts to the cloud.

SilentSOS badges allow your employees to alert a designated response team of any emergency with their name and location information.

Vypin MicroZones are the location markers within your hotel or business.

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Pinecrest Academy

"Deploying the Vypin SilentSOS system at Pinecrest Academy has provided our school with coverage that otherwise would not have been covered in an alert system.  Due to this, our teachers now have mobile access to alert our trained response team, which has now provided more confidence and security for our students across our campuses." John Huynh, IT Manager

In a drill, a middle school teacher "saw a student break a leg," and pressed her alert button. The Response Team arrived on site in less than 4 minutes.

In a drill, a staff member "saw a suspicious person on campus," and pressed his alert button. The Response Team arrived on site in 1 minute 38 seconds.

In a drill, an elementary student was "unresponsive on the playground," and a teacher pressed his alert button. The Response Team arrived on site in 45 seconds.

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